Tooth Extractions - Brookline, MA

Sometimes Losing a Tooth Saves Your Smile

Time for Tooth Extractions?

Tooth removal is always a last resort here at Dental Partners of Brookline. We believe that saving your natural teeth should be the top priority of every dentist. We also understand how distracting pain from a rotten tooth or broken tooth can be, when you lose the ability to eat, drink, and sleep without severe discomfort. In some cases, damage or decay may leave us with no other choice but to pull a tooth. When this happens, count on the experienced hands of our award-winning multispecialty team, who will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable before, during, and after you have your tooth pulled. We’ll give you the guidance necessary to avoid complications such as dry socket, a painful condition closely associated with wisdom tooth removal but that can happen after other types of extractions. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that forms in the empty tooth socket becomes detached before healing is complete. We’ll also suggest the next step—replacing that missing tooth with a sturdy substitute.

When Tooth Extractions May Be Needed

  • Severe pain
  • Extreme decay
  • Infection or disease
  • Damage from oral trauma
  • Stubborn baby teeth
  • Preparation for dental implants
damaged tooth model

Recapture Your Complete Dental Function

Tooth extractions can take away the tooth pain, but they leave an unflattering gap in your smile that can cause speech difficulties and ultimately lead to jawbone deterioration, which produces a sunken facial appearance. The best course of treatment after an extraction is the best tooth substitute available today— dental implants. Placed by our highly trained dental implant experts, these can restore the health, beauty, and function of your teeth for a lifetime. You won’t have to be embarrassed about how a missing tooth makes you look or sound. In fact, you’ll probably experience a tremendous boost in self-confidence—most implant patients do! If you’ve already suffered some jawbone loss, we can restore your bone mass through bone grafting. When you decide in advance of a tooth extraction that you want dental implants, we can generally do both procedures during the same appointment here in our Brookline, MA office. There’s no need to live with an incomplete smile!

Turn tooth loss into an opportunity! Ask us how.