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If you’re active in sports, or you have a child who is active in sports, you know how important having the right equipment is not only to be effective in the sport that’s being played but to being safe in the sport as well. That includes not only proper athletic shoes and protective clothing but also sufficient mouth protection with the use of a sports guard from our dentists near you.

Choose the Best Sports Guard Near You

What makes a professional sports guard from the Dental Partners of Brookline team the best choice versus other options?

Although there are several choices when it comes to selecting a sports guard for mouth protection such as guards that are purchased over-the-counter to be boiled to fit, stock mouth guards, and custom-made mouthguards, athletes who want the maximum protection will always choose a custom-made sports guard because of its superior performance and protection. Not only are the sports guards from our dentists in Brookline molded from an exact impression of your teeth, but you have the added assurance that the fit will be more comfortable than other options. That means focusing on the sports field can be on the task at hand instead of a distracting fit of a mouthguard.

Sports guards are also an excellent idea as mouth protection for non-contact activities such as dancing, gymnastics, or even bike riding. When you want to provide the maximum protection to the investment of a future smile, there is nothing as affordable as using a sports guard to protect against future dental work such as tooth replacement or mouth reconstruction.

A Final Thought to Consider Sports Mouth Guard

Still don’t think that a custom sports guard in Brookline, MA, from our dentists near you is important? Here’s a final thought to contemplate: Almost 80% of injuries to high-school athletes occurred when the athlete was not wearing a sports guard.

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