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Your dental and gingival health is deeply linked to your overall wellbeing, so it’s essential to regularly visit the dentist near you.

Once the dentist evaluates your oral cavity, they will be able to assign a stage and determine how far the gum disease has advanced. Dental Partners of Brookline offers safe and reliable gum therapy for patients of all ages. Please contact our dentist in Brookline, MA, for a consultation.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

While gum disease may show up in the form of swelling, pain, bleeding, or tenderness, it must be checked by a dental professional in Brookline, MA. Other signs could include pus between the teeth, persistent bad breath, and loose teeth.

One of the most prominent indications of gum disease includes the detachment of gingival tissue from the teeth. If your gums have moved away from your teeth, this could indicate the onset of gum disease.

Our qualified dentist near Brookline, MA, uses a metal probe to check the depth of gum pockets. The process is pain-free and quick, and the dentist may prescribe antibiotics as follow-up treatment.

The team at Dental Partners of Brookline offers professional and effective periodontics & gum therapy near you.

Deep Cleaning for Gum Therapy

There are several kinds of surgical and non-surgical gum therapies available, depending on the condition’s progression. Some conventional treatments include scaling and planing, antibiotic application or oral administration, and gum grafting.

We also offer deep cleaning treatment for gum therapy. Deep cleaning involves thorough removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gums, which cannot be done with regular brushing and flossing. Our trained dentists at Dental Partners of Brookline will deep clean your gums so that it leaves them tartar-free and helps them heal quickly.

We use effective sedation methods to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. Our dentist near you will numb the area with a numbing gel and a gentle injection to desensitize the gums.

For more information regarding the latest periodontics & gum therapy in Brookline, MA, please call our dentist near you.

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