Oral Cancer Screenings in Brookline, MA

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At Dental Partners of Brookline in Brookline, MA, we explain to all of our patients the importance of oral cancer screenings. Finding a dentist near you that performs oral cancer screenings in Brookline, MA can make your life easier.

Our team of dentists in Brookline, MA is qualified and trained to perform these screenings with efficiency. It’s also one of our priorities to keep patients comfortable through all procedures. We understand that finding oral cancer screenings near you can be scary but we’re here to help.

Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

Whether it’s oral cancer or any other type, screening is important. Screening for cancer is trying to catch it before it becomes prominent enough to produce symptoms. That’s why patients of certain demographics are advised to get colonoscopies and mammographies.

Oral cancer screening follows the same concept. A delayed diagnosis of cancer is associated with a poor prognosis. When we diagnose cancer through screening, we usually diagnose it at an early stage. This gives us more effective treatment options and a higher chance of curing our patients. There’s no reason to worry about getting screened for oral cancer as the overwhelming majority of patients have no signs of the condition.

How Is Screening Performed?

At Dental Partners of Brookline, we perform dental exams and cleaning on patients to check for anything suspicious. We’ll start by asking you a few questions and identifying potential risk factors. Next, we’ll start examining you. The first step is to inspect different areas of the oral cavity with the help of our tools.

We’ll then need to palpate your mouth including the area under the tongue. Palpation of the neck might also be performed so we can check for enlarged lymph nodes. All of this is done gently. The entire screening takes less than an hour. No local anesthesia or other types of drugs need to be used.

If we find any suspicious lesions, we might need to biopsy it. Only a biopsy can tell us whether or not oral cancer is present. Don’t wait to start seeing symptoms, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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