Dental Cleanings and Oral Hygiene in Brookline, MA

Regular oral hygiene involves keeping your teeth and gums clean with brushing and flossing every day. We, at Dental Partners of Brookline, know that those who maintain good oral hygiene are much less likely to experience tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, or bad breath (halitosis).

What Is Oral Hygiene and Why Is It Important?

Proper brushing can help remove food particles and debris from tooth surfaces and near the gum line and prevent tartar formation. Flossing between the teeth cleans away food particles wedged between teeth and near the gum line.

Good oral hygiene practices keep dental problems at bay and help us enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health. However, for the best results, oral hygiene needs personal as well as professional care. Regular oral exams and dental cleanings can help you sport an attractive smile.

For more tips and guidance on dental cleanings and oral hygiene, please contact our dentist in Brookline, MA.

Why You Should Consider Seeing Our Hygienist

Plaque can form despite the most careful brushing and flossing. Even with careful maneuvering, the toothbrush cannot access certain areas of the mouth.

We suggest getting a twice-yearly professional cleaning. In the event of excessive tartar accumulation, our dentist near you may recommend professional scaling, polishing, and debridement to remove stubborn tartar deposits.

When left untreated, tartar has the potential to lead to cavity formation and eventually cause gum disease. For more advice on painless dental cleanings and oral hygiene in Brookline, MA, please call our office or drop in for a visit.

Dental Cleaning Procedure at Dental Partners of Brookline

We will first apply some numbing gel or oral anesthesia for patients who experience heightened sensitivity. Our trained hygienist uses handheld, ultrasonic, or manual instruments to scrape away cavity-causing tartar from your teeth and gums.

We recommend professional dental cleanings even for patients who are particular about brushing and flossing carefully. Dental cleanings and good oral hygiene not only removes plaque, but it also transforms your smile.

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