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Experiencing TMJ Symptoms?

TMJ Treatment Can End Jaw Pain and More

The term TMJ is often used to refer to the condition that makes a person’s jaw pop or lock while they’re chewing or speaking. An abbreviation for temporomandibular joints, TMJ is actually the area or areas of your body where those issues occur. Your temporomandibular joints are the hinges that enable you to open and close your mouth when you eat, speak, laugh or smile. When you experience jaw pain or other symptoms in the area of your TMJ, often due to teeth grinding, stress, or teeth misalignment (malocclusion), those essential daily activities can become anything from painful to impossible. The award-winning, multispecialty team at Dental Partners of Brookline is made up of two prosthodontists, two endodontists, one board-certified periodontist, and one general dentist with advanced training in orthodontics. With such broad expertise we can effectively treat a wide variety of TMJ conditions. Our most successful solution? We alleviate your discomfort by fitting you with an oral appliance or by making small adjustments to the surface of your teeth here at our Brookline, MA office.

Telltale TMJ Symptoms

  • Jaw pain, popping, and stiffness
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Malocclusion
  • Worn teeth
  • Headaches (including migraines)
  • Eye pain
  • Earaches
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Three Proven TMJ Treatment Approaches

Our team can correct your TMJ disorder with a custom-fitted mouthguard that stops you from grinding your teeth during sleep and when stressed. Mouthguards come out easily for cleaning and meals and can also be used to treat cases of sleep apnea. Invisalign® is another oral appliance that can remedy symptoms that are connected with malocclusion. Bulky traditional metal braces are typically used to straighten teeth, but Invisalign offers a customized alternative made from durable clear plastic that can realign your teeth and improve your bite discretely. If needed, we can also perform an occlusal adjustment to fix any misalignment, which can wear down your teeth and cause other TMJ issues. This procedure involves carefully smoothing out uneven areas of your teeth to enable them to fit together for a comfortable bite. We’ll do everything necessary to restore your normal jaw sensation and functioning!

Trust the professionals for your TMJ pain treatment.

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