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Teeth can weaken or crack due to a variety of factors. It can be due to something as simple as trauma or something as complex as a severe infection. Dentists in Brookline, MA, use dental crowns to cover and protect your teeth when trauma occurs; it’s one of the most common procedures done in our office.

Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

If your teeth are cracked or weak and need support, you may need a crown. The crown provides a hard exterior that can shield the tooth from trauma. Large cavities that can’t be treated using dental fillings can also be treated using dental crowns.

Many people also use Dental crowns for cosmetic reasons. Dental Crowns are commonly used to cover up damaged teeth and those that are discolored but can’t be whitened. They’re also routinely done after root canal treatments as these teeth require additional support and protection.

Dental Crown Installation

After determining that you would benefit from a dental crown, we can begin preparing the tooth. This includes removing its outer portion and decayed tissue. We’ll use a digital scanner or a mold to create an accurate impression of your tooth. The impression will be sent to a lab for manufacturing, so you’ll need to come in a second time once we have the crown.

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials like metals, porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin. The type of material used will depend on the tooth’s location and why you’re getting a crown. Patient preference is also important. The shade of a porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin crown is adjusted, so it matches the rest of your teeth. This helps your crown look natural and indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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