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Orthodontic care is crucial in helping a child have proper teeth and jawbone development and prevent complications that may arise after that from malocclusions and misalignment issues. At Dental Partners of Brookline, we provide tailored orthodontic treatment for children in a friendly environment.

We offer orthodontic evaluation for your kid during every routine visit to our dental office nearby your area to ensure continual monitoring of the kid’s smile. If we find orthodontic treatment necessary, our pediatric ortho dentist discusses the kid’s orthodontic concern, the reason for seeking orthodontic intervention, and whether the timing of the treatment is right.

Common Orthodontic Issues We Deal With

Some of the orthodontic problems we see in kids include:

  • Abnormal Eruptions – These occur when a kid’s teeth begin to emerge through the gum. The teeth grow in the wrong place.
  • Crowding happens when there is inadequate space to allow teeth to fit normally within the kid’s jaws. Crowding may arise when the jaws are tooth small. They can also occur when the teeth are very big.
  • Overspaced Teeth – Too much space arises when a kid has teeth that are small about the jaw size or if some of the teeth fail to come in or are lost to trauma and disease.
  • Crossbites and Underbites – Crossbites occur when the kid’s upper teeth rest inside their lower teeth due to misalignment of the jaws. On the flip side, underbites are when the lower front teeth extend over the upper front teeth.
  • Overbites and Open bites – With overbites, the upper front teeth of the kid bite far down over the lower teeth, creating a deep bite likely to cover the lower teeth completely. Open bites are when the front teeth stay open in the front while the back teeth touch.

Treatment Options Available

Our ortho pediatric surgeon near you provides various pediatric orthodontic treatments based on the nature of the problem and preferences. We may utilize traditional braces since they work well on severe malocclusions and misalignment. If the appearance of traditional braces is an issue, we may provide options like ceramic braces, Invisalign® for children, or lingual braces.

Lingual braces are mounted on the teeth’s backside, keeping them hidden from sight. Ceramic braces resemble metal braces but are crafted from porcelain, making them easily blend with the kid’s teeth. When suggesting Invisalign for kids, we look at the ability of the child to have the trays stay in the mouth for the required time every day.

Some concerns, such as abnormal eruptions, may require you to seek the best pediatric orthopedics near you to address your kid’s orthodontic issue. Abnormally erupting teeth may need surgery to open the gums to allow them to come in straight.

Importance of Early Intervention

Having your kid receive early orthodontic intervention ensures their teeth grow properly aligned. It helps correct irregularities before they cause problems like premature loss of teeth, and children can get help for damaging oral habits, including developmental problems and thumb-sucking. Straight teeth help in reducing the likelihood of decay or childhood periodontal disease. Early orthodontic treatment also ensures proper jaw growth and reduced chances of having impacted adult teeth.

Contact Dental Partners of Brookline today to have your child evaluated and intervention measures and monitoring provided by our children’s ortho dentist and the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon. We provide a pediatric-friendly environment to allow your kid to remain comfortable, at ease, and have fun.

What's the Best Age for Your Kid to Visit an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics says children should see an orthodontist when they are around 7. This age is ideal because the kid has a combination of permanent and baby teeth at this time, which an orthodontist can start to monitor and get an idea about how the kid's adult smile is shaping. Even so, most kids won't need treatment at seven years of age and may have to wait until they are around 14 years.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Hurt?

There may be some discomfort when having orthodontic treatment, particularly on the initial or first day of having the braces fitted or the trays placed. After some time, a child will get used to the oral appliance, and there will be no pain. Orthodontic treatment is not supposed to be painful except when the mouth adjusts to the braces.

How Should a Kid Care for Their Smile while Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment?

Your child should emphasize proper oral hygiene and care while in orthodontic treatment. Make sure the child brushes their teeth twice or thrice daily and flosses once a day. Removable clear aligners need to be rinsed before mounting them back. Let the kid clean the aligners and retainers with mild, gentle, antibacterial soap and a soft-bristled brush. A denture cleaner can be used to soak the aligners.

Should the Kid Watch What They Eat?

Yes, it is paramount for kids to consider what they consume when undertaking orthodontic treatment. A child should pass up those foods that are likely to get trapped in their braces or damage their oral appliances. These include hard candy, taffy, raw vegetables, and caramel. Kids should avoid ice cubes, but ice cream may be okay.

How Much Will It Cost to Get Orthodontic Treatment for Your Kid?

The cost of receiving a kid's orthodontic treatment varies mainly based on the extent of the problem and the type of braces to be used. Metal braces are more affordable, followed by Invisalign for teens. Ceramic and lingual are a little costlier. You can expect to pay from $2,500 to $3000 or so. Talk to our children's ortho dentist to determine your kid's cost of ortho treatment.

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