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Do you need to replace missing or lost teeth? Dental Partners in Brookline, MA, offers a range of modern prosthodontic treatments near you. Prosthodontics is a specialized dental therapy that includes diagnosis, treatments, and rehabilitation of missing or deficient teeth and maxilla tissues.

Missing teeth, gaps, or unsightly alignment can spoil our smile and reduce our self-confidence. Our experienced prosthodontists are trained to solve your problems.

Our trained dentists in Brookline, MA, can help you in several ways:

Replacing Missing teeth

Missing teeth can cause severe difficulties with chewing and speaking. Whether you want one or more teeth corrected or replaced, the prosthodontist can use dental implants, dental crowns, partials, or full dentures to complete your dental arch.

While dentures and partials are removable, implants involve embedding titanium screws in the jawbone and attaching crowns for a natural look and feel. We also offer same-day and all-porcelain crowns for patients who are interested in the latest options.

If you’re considering getting your missing teeth replaced, please call our office for the best prosthodontics in Brookline, MA.

We Can Help Improve Your Bite

The way the upper and lower jaw meet and align can impact the neck, gums, and head. An improper bite, including underbite, overbite, and cross-bite problems, can impact the way we chew our food.

If left untreated, bite problems can result in tooth erosion, increased sensitivity, and tooth loss. Please contact a trained prosthodontist near you for information regarding restorations and cosmetic dental treatments.

Our Trained Prosthodontist Improves the Appearance of your Teeth

We not only replace missing teeth but also improve their appearance. Our dental team uses state-of-the-art technology and expertise to strengthen and enhance existing teeth. Prosthodontic treatment can make your teeth appear straighter, whiter, and healthier than before.

The team at Dental Partners of Brookline is proud to offer a range of modern prosthodontic treatments that can correct the most complex problems. Please feel free to call us for an appointment, and we will create a personalized plan of treatment for your needs.

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