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Did you know that there’s more to preventive dentistry besides practicing good oral hygiene at home? If not, we hope you’ll find the following information about our complete suite of services in preventive dentistry near you helpful in learning why our team of dentists in Brookline, MA, is top-rated for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, specialty dental care, and preventive dental care.

The Added Features of Preventive Dentistry Near You

Our gentle and caring dental care team prioritizes our patients’ safety and well-being at all times. We use the most modern dental technology for more accurate results in diagnostics as well as preventive care, and we are always mindful of safety protocols.

In addition to complete oral exams and dental cleanings, our team of dentists near you provide oral cancer screenings, non-surgical periodontics, and home dental care education to ensure that your teeth will continue to benefit from our treatment after you leave our office. We also provide low radiation dental x-rays as an added measure of our commitment to preventive health care. The dental x-rays that are used by our dentists near you have only 2.5 percent of the radiation of other medical x-rays.

The Importance of Preventive Screening

Whether it’s screening for oral cancer or other abnormalities in your oral health, preventive screening is important. Just as patients that fall within certain demographics are advised to receive colonoscopies and mammograms on a scheduled basis, the same holds for preventive dentistry. Just because you’re not experiencing dental pain does not mean that you’re in optimum oral health. Our dentists are trained to detect abnormalities in your teeth and gums that can often be corrected more easily when they’re detected early.

Start Enjoying Peace of Mind with Our Preventive Dentistry Services

Why not book an appointment today for a preventive dental appointment and receive diagnostic x-rays, periodontal screening, and oral cancer screening to achieve the peace of mind that you and your family deserve? Use our convenient online booking tool or give us a call to learn more about preventive dentistry near you from the team at Dental Partners of Brookline.

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