Cosmetic Dentistry in Brookline, MA

At Dental Partners of Brookline, we’re happy to provide cosmetic dentistry near you. Cosmetic dentistry in Brookline lets us give our patients the smiles that they deserve.

It’s important to see a dentist in Brookline, MA, that can make the right cosmetic recommendations. After assessing your dental status and thinking of the best ways to improve your smile, we’ll tell you your options. It’s up to you to choose what you think would be best for you. At Dental Partners of Brookline, we explain to patients that some people will only require a single procedure to achieve their dream smile while others will need more work.

Fixing and Replacing Teeth

Trauma and dental infections can lead to damaged or missing teeth. There’s no reason to live with a damaged smile when there are plenty of options. We can usually repair teeth via dental bonding. Even if the tooth is missing a part, it can be replaced with composite resin. Weak and cracked teeth can be covered with dental crowns for additional strength.

Replacing teeth is also possible thanks to dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Implants are placed into the jawbones using titanium screws, while bridges need to be attached to adjacent teeth. Dentures are removable and can be taken off before you go to bed.

Treating Stained Teeth

Discolored teeth can make us self-conscious of our smiles. Using a bleaching gel, we can whiten your teeth and remove stains. Teeth whitening can be done in a single session if a patient is in a hurry, but it’ll take about two hours. Regularly, it’s done over multiple shorter visits.

We can also use artificial dental appliances called veneers to cover damaged and stained teeth. The tooth remains the same under the veneer, but people won’t be able to see it. Most patients prefer to get veneers over all of their front teeth for a glamorous Hollywood smile.

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