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As a leading dentist in Brookline, MA, we believe that you should have the information you need to determine which procedure is best for tooth replacement near you, whether it’s dental implants, partial dentures, or dental bridges. For that reason, our dentist answers some of the most commonly asked questions about dental bridges near you.

Are dental bridges in Brookline, MA removable or fixed?

Depending on patient needs, dental bridges from Dental Partners of Brookline can be designed to be permanently affixed to a patient’s mouth or made to be removed at any time. The dental care team at Dental Partners of Brookline can design a treatment plan and a side-by-side comparison of the two methods to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Does a dental bridge last as long as a dental implant?

The short answer is “no.” Unlike a dental implant which can last for a lifetime, a dental bridge from any dentist near you will last about 10 years on average.

Will a dental bridge look natural?

Absolutely. We use porcelain so the replacement tooth is very realistic looking and matches the shading of the teeth around the dental bridge. And if you want to increase the brightness of your smile, this is a great time to have your teeth professionally whitened which can be coordinated in with your dental bridge treatment plan.

Is a dental bridge as invasive as a dental implant?

Although every patient will be different in the degree of prep work that accompanies either procedure, a dental bridge is considered less invasive than a dental implant.

How can I learn more about a dental bridge?

That’s easy! Just complete the convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment to receive a treatment plan for a dental bridge in Brookline, MA or learn more about other tooth replacement options offered at Dental Partners of Brookline.

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