Periodontal Care in Brookline, MA

When the gums and bones of the mouth become inflamed, this is known as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is serious, as it can lead to bone and teeth loss. Dentists in Brookline, MA, know how devastating periodontitis can be which is why we have experts who are familiar with the condition and have decades of experience treating it.

If you suspect that you have periodontal disease, you should hurry and pay us a visit dental clinic at Dental Partners of Brookline. Treatment early on is a lot easier than it is when the condition becomes severe.

Presentation of Periodontal Disease

The way patients present with periodontal disease varies based on how advanced the condition is. For example, at its earliest stages, people may only feel some pain. Other common symptoms include bad breath and swelling of the gum.

When the condition gets worse, teeth can start getting loose. If you feel that your teeth are loose, you need to visit a dentist near you as soon as possible. Loose teeth likely indicate that there has been a significant bone loss.

Without treatment, periodontal disease leads to loss of teeth. As the bones holding the teeth become progressively weaker and start to lose their integrity, it wouldn’t be surprising for teeth to fall out.

Treatment of Periodontitis

We talked about how the presentation of periodontal disease varies based on disease progression, and treatment also depends on the same thing. People who come to us with very mild periodontal disease can be treated conservatively.

Conservative treatment mainly revolves around treating the underlying infection. We can achieve this by cleaning any build-up or plaque and prescribing antibiotics. Antibiotics are usually given through the form of gels and mouth rinses. That way, they work directly on the affected parts of the mouth without being absorbed systemically.

Severe cases will need the same treatment as conservative ones, in addition to surgery. The problem is that severe cases usually lose bone and gum tissue due to the infection. To restore dental health and integrity, any lost tissues have to be replaced using grafts and flaps.

If you suspect you may need periodontal care, don’t hesitate to give our Periodontist in Brookline, MA, a call. We will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible!

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