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Disqualified from Dental Implants?

Bone Grafting Gets You Back on Track

Your jawbone exists to support your teeth. When you lose teeth, whether due to damage or decay, the underlying bone can soon follow. Your jawbone stays healthy through the regular stimulation of chewing—and will begin to deteriorate in areas that aren’t receiving that stimulation. As a result, your face will take on an unhealthy, sunken, prematurely aged appearance and you’ll be unable to eat and speak comfortably. The only way to reclaim your quality of life and your distinctive smile is to replace both your teeth and your jawbone. Before you can get new teeth, however, you have to rebuild the jaw in which they’ll be anchored. This is possible through an innovative procedure called bone grafting, which involves placing new bone in the area of decay. In the capable hands of our award-winning multispecialty team, bone grafting can prepare you for life-changing dental implants, which will restore all the functions of real teeth and give you confidence like you’ve never experienced before.

Dental Bone Grafting Benefits

  • A fully restored jawbone
  • A more youthful facial appearance
  • More stable teeth
  • Better gum health
  • Eligibility for dental implants
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The Dental Bone Graft Procedure

The advantage of having two prosthodontists (dental implant experts), a periodontist who’s considered a pioneer in implantology, and others highly trained in placing dental implants on our team is that we can provide comprehensive dental care at one Brookline, MA office. This includes bone grafting and related treatments that can help you qualify for dental implants. With bone grafting, we take a small portion of bone from a donor source or a biocompatible artificial source and place it in areas where the bone has deteriorated. The grafts will gradually integrate with the existing bone and reestablish normal bone density. Once the area is fully healed your jawbone should have the strength and mass to support implants. If your bone loss includes your upper jaw, your sinus can collapse as your upper jaw decays. We can correct this with a sinus lift, where we carefully elevate the floor of the affected sinus cavity and place bone grafting material underneath to restore bone volume and support the sinus. After healing from a sinus lift you should be ready for dental implant placement!

Get back the foundation for a beautiful new smile!

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