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While many patients may have heard of dental implants, they may not be aware of bone grafting. When it comes to restorations, bone grafting and dental implants often go hand-in-hand.

Our trained dental experts explain how bone grafting helps with the dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants and Bone Grafting at Dental Partners of Brookline

Dental implants are an aesthetic, safe, and lasting solution when a patient loses a tooth or teeth due to injury, periodontal disease, or natural aging. A dental implant is a specially designed dental prosthetic that our experts will insert into the jaw to hold a bridge or crown in place. Dental implants look natural and help preserve other teeth as they don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support (unlike a bridge, for example).

Depending on the case, the patient may require bone grafting before we can insert dental implants. We offer exclusive restorative and cosmetic dental treatments using the latest technology.

For detailed evaluation and diagnosis, please call our dentist near you for bone grafting in Brookline, MA.

What to Know About the Bone Grafting Procedure

Before inserting dental implants, we need to assess the jawbone to ensure that it can hold the implant. After the assessment, if we find a bone loss in the jaw, we may recommend bone grafting to regenerate lost bone. Bone grafting not only replaces lost bone but can also improve facial structure.

When jawbone deteriorates, it can make you appear older and cause the facial structure to sag. If you’re considering getting dental implants, our dentist will perform a detailed assessment and suggest bone grafting, if required.

Post Bone Graft Procedure

If teeth have been lost, some degree of bone loss will occur in the jaw. A bone graft can create a solid base of support before the implants are inserted. After the bone grafting procedure, the patient may experience some tenderness, swelling, or light bleeding, but these symptoms will disappear quickly.

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