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Economical, Effective Solution for Missing Teeth

It’s a New Day for Dentures

When you have decayed or missing teeth, you’re actually missing more than teeth—you’re missing out on eating, speaking, and smiling comfortably and without embarrassment. These daily activities shouldn’t make your life difficult, and with dentures—yes, dentures—they never need to be again. Traditional dentures are still highly requested by patients, and with good reason. They’re not only a generally reliable solution to missing teeth but also a cost-effective one. While dentures were once a one-size-fits-all option, today they’re more personalized, realistic, and esthetically pleasing than you might expect. Placed by the award-winning multispecialty team here at Dental Partners of Brookline, dentures can enable you to enjoy a comfortable and confident life again!

Types of Dentures

Depending on how many decayed or missing teeth you have, our team may recommend either a partial or a full denture. A partial denture, which includes a limited number of replacement teeth, will prevent your remaining healthy teeth from shifting when you lose a tooth as well as enable you to eat and speak normally. If you’ve lost all of your teeth due to decay, trauma or other factors, we can restore your complete smile with full dentures. Upper dentures include at least a portion of a false palate that’s secured to the roof of your mouth, while lower dentures fit over your jawbone and gums. Whatever you need, we’ll always guide you to the option that best suits your dental health, smile goals, and budget.

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  • Partial Denture
  • Full Denture

What’s Life with Dentures Like?

  • A broader, more satisfying range of food choices
  • A full set of sturdy, attractive teeth
  • Carefree, confident smiles, laughter, and speech
  • Cost-effective tooth replacement
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Dentures with Added Stability and Security

If loose dentures are a concern for you, we can offer you implant supported dentures. Anchored in your jaw by dental implants, these offer an added level of stability and security to your smile. The team here at our Brookline, MA office is extensively trained and experienced with both traditional and implant supported dentures. Ask for details on your preferred solution!

Get rid of those unsightly gaps in your smile!

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