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Treat Yourself to a Smile Makeover

Crooked, worn, cracked, and discolored teeth don’t do your smile any favors. They may cause you some minor functional issues, but they mostly disappoint and embarrass you in your daily life. If you’re tired of feeling this way and want a new smile, cosmetic dentistry has the answers. Not just one, but many solutions. A smile makeover—a complete overhaul of your teeth with an eye toward the esthetic—is a series of procedures and treatments that, once completed, add up to a stunning and healthier new you. Beautiful teeth. Tremendous confidence. In just months, you can completely transform the way you look and how you feel about yourself by adding and taking away elements from your teeth, using straightening appliances, and more. The award-winning multispecialty team at Dental Partners of Brookline does it all right here in one Brookline, MA office.

Comprehensive, Convenient Treatment from Our Team

A transformation as wide-ranging as this shouldn’t be trusted to just any ordinary dental practice. When you choose us, you’re getting the benefits of an entire group of professionals with peerless credentials dedicated to creating that new you. With an in-house staff including prosthodontists, endodontists, a board-certified periodontist, and a general dentist with advanced training in orthodontics, we’re best equipped to provide the range of services that constitutes a smile makeover. Having specialists in one location makes your cosmetic dentistry appointments more convenient and enables us to seamlessly coordinate all of your care into a comprehensive treatment plan. It also allows all of our team members to take advantage of the same advanced technology during your treatment, such as CEREC, which empowers us to design, fabricate, and place quality crowns all within a single visit! And this is just one example.

patient undergoing dental implants procedure

Select Smile Makeover Services



Discreet teeth straightening. No more bulky, highly visible metal braces.


CEREC dental crowns

High-quality dental crowns created and placed the very same day.


Porcelain veneers

Beautiful, durable new surfaces for your teeth that make “smile zone” flaws disappear.


Teeth whitening

Professional-grade treatments with results that store-bought solutions can’t equal.

See yourself differently with a smile makeover!