Dental Implant Cost - Brookline, MA

Calculating Dental Implant Cost

What’s a New Life Worth?

Dental implants aren’t merely new teeth—they’re the pathway to a more fulfilling, carefree life in which you can fully enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling. With the ability to take you from having no teeth to a full set of natural-looking, durable, and beautiful ones, dental implants can make you feel more self-confident than ever before—and last a lifetime! Add to this, when you choose Dental Partners of Brookline to place and restore your dental implants, you’re getting the expertise of an award-winning, multispecialty practice with two prosthodontists, two endodontists, one board-certified periodontist, and one general dentist with advanced training in orthodontics. We also make flexible financing options available to help you achieve your ideal smile! You won’t find a better practice in the Brookline, MA area or elsewhere for your implants.

Unequaled Benefits

  • Durable, realistic replacement teeth
  • Enhanced confidence
  • A greater selection of food choices
  • Smooth, natural-sounding speech
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Revitalized facial esthetics
  • A stunning smile

Dental Implant Cost Factors

The Number of Implants

To restore the full function and esthetics of your mouth, we may need to place anywhere from just one to several implants. In the case of full arch dental implant restorations, we will replace all of your teeth. Your price depends in part upon how many implants we place and restore.

tooth model

Tooth Extractions

Dental implants are used to replace both missing teeth and unsalvageable, severely decayed teeth. Our team always tries to preserve your natural teeth, but in certain instances we may have to pull them. Tooth extractions, when followed by dental implant placement, pave the way to a happy, healthy smile!

bone grafting model

Bone Grafting

When your teeth have fallen out or decayed due to infection, the jawbone underneath can begin to deteriorate. If your jawbone has already begun to decay, we will have to restore it with bone grafting before we can place implants.

Let’s discuss your dental implant financing options!

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