Are Immediate Dental Implants Right for You?

Are Immediate Dental Implants Right for You?

Aug 01, 2022

Immediate dental implants entail receiving the implant fixture immediately after the tooth’s extraction. It is usually conducted as a combined process and has gained massive popularity in the recent past. Implant placement can also be completed two weeks after tooth extraction and still be considered an immediate dental implant.

Immediate dental implants work best for you compared to the traditional technique. However, the teeth structure varies among different patients, and it dictates whether you are fit for immediate dental implants. If your overall dental health allows you to get dental implants, it is an ideal technique for you and the dentist.

If you need dental implants, you should first find out whether your teeth structure and health allow you to receive immediate dental implants by visiting a dentist in Brookline. Dental Partners of Brookline offers dental implants in Brookline, MA. They have skilled professional dentists near you that will take care of your oral health. Remarkably, you can receive immediate dental implants irrespective of the tooth’s position.

What is the Process of Immediate Dental Implants?

Normally, you visit a dentist, and the dentist extracts your tooth. They send you home or give you an option for a partial denture, retainer, or a bridge as the extraction site heals. For an immediate implant procedure, you only have to show up for a pre-surgical appointment followed by the appointment date when the tooth extraction and implant placement happen.

First, you go for a pre-surgical appointment to assess your health condition and review the medication options. The dentist also discusses with you the sedation options available for you, such as I.V or oral. Also, you discuss other medications such as pain medication, antibiotics, mouthwash, anti-inflammatories, and sedatives with detailed instructions about their usage.

With immediate dental implants, the dentist administers I.V Sedation and proceeds to extract the tooth. Once removed, the dentist inserts an implant carefully into the extraction site. After placement, they fit the implant with a temporary crown.

Factors to Determine the Need for Immediate Dental Implants

  • Bone density – determines whether you qualify for same-day dental implants or have to receive the implants at a later date.
  • Initial stability – if the implants inserted are significantly stable at the time of insertion, then immediate dental implants are ideal.
  • Amount of bone – some patients with periodontal disease have minimal bone and may not qualify for immediate implants. In such cases, bone grafting is necessary, and performed on a separate occasion.
  • Implant design and type – there are many types and designs of implants. For instance, there are titanium, ceramic, and acrylic implants. Depending on the patient’s choice, the type and design determine whether immediate implants will be possible.
  • Shape and type of gum – people have different types of gums. The dentist will help you determine whether the type and shape of your gum fit immediate implants or not.

Advantages of Immediate Dental Implants

  • Saves time – since everything is done in one visit, you do not need multiple visits.
  • Appealing – the replaced teeth are more visually attractive than the extracted tooth and thus make an immediate impression.
  • Less painful – since the dentist uses intravenous sedation during the extraction and placement, the whole process is less painful.
  • Preserve gum tissue – the all-in-one procedure is good for your gum health. The gum tissue heals faster, and chances of receding are minimal. Fast healing also protects the gum from diseases.
  • More comfortable – you will not experience the feeling of missing teeth, which is usually very frustrating. Equally important is that you will not undergo the hassles that come with partial dentures.
  • More stable – eliminates the need for a dental bridge

Who Should Receive Immediate Dental Implants?

Immediate dental implants are for patients requiring tooth extractions for various reasons such as tooth decay, advanced bone loss, severally damaged teeth, or broken teeth. Severely damaged teeth need to be extracted.

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