Congratulations to Dr. Hsieh on receiving the MDS 10 Under Ten Award

Our very own, Jessica K. Hsieh, DDS, MDSc has been honored by the prestigious Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) and their Membership Committee. Dr. Hsieh’s hard work and dedication are recognized by the 2019 10 Under Ten Award. Each year this award is given to ten MDS member dentists who have been in their profession for 10 years or less and have made or are making a significant contribution to the profession, their community, and/or organized dentistry.  

The 10 Under Ten Award is well deserved, and we are lucky to have Dr. Hsieh on our team.  She maintains the highest standards within the dental community and it shows. This award only affirms her dedication and passion for esthetics and giving her patients the smiles they desire. An existing patient recently boasted, “Dr. Hsieh is professional, friendly and attentive, and she took time to talk about previous health history, which is important to me. She is oriented on conservative treatment and provided amazing care.”

As a prosthodontic specialist, Dr. Hsieh treats complex esthetic reconstructions and intricate surgical and implant retained cases.  In addition to her already extensive education and training, she continues her education to offer patients the latest advancements in the dental industry and prosthodontics.  Above all, Dr. Hsieh focuses on patient care and treatment outcomes with kindness and compassion.

Dental Partners of Brookline is proud to congratulate Dr. Hsieh on receiving this distinguished award!  

Easy Ways to Prevent TMJ

Do you have pain in the back of your mouth that doesn’t go away? It might be more than just an annoyance that disrupts your everyday routine. If you’ve ever experienced a locked jaw, facial swelling or even hearing problems, then you may find yourself with a temporomandibular joint disorder, better known as TMJ. Many people go months or even years without ever realizing the pain they are having is from TMJ.

Veneers vs. Caps (Crowns) – What’s the Difference?

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