Adult Orthodontics in Brookline, MA

Orthodontic treatment helps correct misaligned and crooked teeth, and we, at Dental Partners of Brookline, offer this for children as well as adults. There is no reason to worry if you have been unable to get orthodontic treatment during childhood or teenage years. Studies show that more than 1.5 million adults enjoy successful orthodontic treatment.

We provide a range of safe, reliable, and premium orthodontic treatment options for adults of all ages.

Why Do Adults Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Crooked, misaligned teeth spoil your smile and dent your confidence, and they can also cause problems with biting, chewing, and speaking functionalities.

That’s not all.

Misaligned teeth often result in spaces between specific teeth and overcrowding in other areas, making you more susceptible to cavities and decay. Adult orthodontics in Brookline, MA, can correct your bite, improve your smile, and reduce dental problems regardless of age.

Please contact our dentist near you to explore orthodontic treatment options.

Modern Orthodontic Treatments Are More Aesthetic

Adult teeth can be shifted too, and you are never too old for orthodontic treatment. While our dentist will evaluate several factors such as dental alignment, the status of the jaw bone and location, and the severity of the problem, age is rarely a deciding factor.

Adult orthodontic treatment options add to your self-assurance and help the upper and lower jaw meet correctly. Proper bite helps distribute forces on teeth and prevents premature erosion of teeth. Please feel free to contact our dental professionals for more information on adult orthodontics near you.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

If you have lost or missing teeth, our dentist in Brookline, MA, may decide to replace the gap with a restoration (like a crown, implant or bridge) or bring neighboring teeth closer together. Please keep in mind that veneers and bonding help mask the problem, but they are not a permanent solution (unlike orthodontics).

Our dental experts will work with you every step of the way, giving you that smile you’ve always wanted. Our friendly dental team at Dental Partners of Brookline will address all your concerns regarding crooked or misaligned teeth. Give us a call today.

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