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Dental Implants Provide a Second Chance

If you have one or several decayed teeth or missing teeth, you’re missing out on a life free of unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment. Gaps in your smile that make eating, speaking, and laughing awkward need never again interfere with your daily activities. Dental implants can give you the full, healthy smile you desire. They provide a permanent replacement for decayed and missing teeth that looks, feels, and functions just like the real thing. There’s no more durable or beautiful way to reclaim your smile and rebuild your confidence, whether you receive single dental implants, multiple implants, or full mouth dental implants.

The award-winning multispecialty team here at Dental Partners of Brookline is exceptionally qualified to place and restore your dental implants. With two prosthodontists, a-board certified periodontist, two endodontists, and a general dentist on staff, we have the training, the experience, and an outstanding track record of producing impressive results. Our expertise is complemented by advanced technology that shortens treatment times. Add in the flexible payment plans we make available and you’ll see that we have everything you need to get back the full smile you want right here in one Brookline, MA office. Don’t live without it any longer!

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What Dental Implants Offer

  • Beautiful, natural-looking teeth
  • Greater confidence
  • More food choices
  • Clear, unhindered speech
  • Stable teeth and bone
  • Many years of reliable performance

Quality Solution, Quick Results

Beautiful new teeth start with high-quality materials. We place and restore only implants made by the industry’s top manufacturer, so you can expect the utmost durability and performance. The process begins with a one-on-one consultation where we determine your eligibility and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. When you return to our Brookline, MA office, we’ll surgically place screw-like titanium implant posts into your jaw and then top each with a dental crown that closely matches the color of the surrounding teeth. Our CEREC technology enables us to design, fabricate, and place custom crowns in-house during the same appointment! In some cases, we may provide you with temporary crowns for a time before placing your final restorations. Whatever the case, you’ll be able to start enjoying a great selection of foods, clear speech, and broad, happy smiles again almost immediately!

  • Dr. Boustani discusses the most common misconceptions about dental implants
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Removing Impediments to Your Renewed Smile

If you’re not quite ready for implants due to other oral health factors, we can help get your mouth into the proper condition. Decayed teeth that you want to replace with implants will need to be removed. We can usually perform tooth extractions during the same appointment to give us access to your jawbone. In instances of jawbone deterioration, we have the ability to restore your bone volume and strength through an innovative procedure called bone grafting. Once your jaw is rebuilt, it can become a firm foundation for your dental implants—and the fulfilling new life they can provide.

Your perfect smile is attainable. Ask about financing options!

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