Stress and Your Oral Health

Erasing & eliminating stress Stress can cause headaches, weight gain, weight loss, and sleep disturbances. It can also have an effect on your oral health. The more stressed you are, the worse off your dental care needs are likely to be. Fortunately for you, our experienced dental professionals at the Dental Partners of Brookline can help with your dental care.

Gum Health

If you’re stressed, it can cause your immune system to be compromised. You’ll have a more difficult time fighting off infections, including gingivitis or gum disease. Because of this, gum infections can be difficult to manage through normal oral hygiene at home. You may need professional dental care to help overcome the infection before it turns into something severe, like tooth loss.

Tooth Wear

People who are a stressed have a tendency to clench their teeth together tightly, or even grind them. This can happen during the day or even while someone sleeps. Gradually the teeth begin to show signs of wear, slowly becoming flattened off at the tops. Crowns, fillings or other dental restorations may begin fracturing or breaking from the extreme stress. Wearing a bite splint can help prevent these side effects until stress can be eliminated.

TMJ Problems

The Temporomandibular joint is another point where stress can cause pain to radiate into the head and neck. Clenching the teeth together inadvertently place strain on the TMJ, causing the muscles to tense much more than they should. This creates muscle fatigue, joint pain and headaches. Chronic problems can even cause disruption of proper jaw use. A night guard or bite splint can usually alleviate symptoms within the first couple of days.

Our Norfolk County dental office is committed to helping stressed out people take the stress off of their smiles. If you’re experiencing signs of stress-induced dental problems like headaches, jaw pain or chipped teeth, call us for a consultation.