What Challenges Do Adults With Braces Face?

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It used to be pretty rare for anyone other than teenagers to have braces, but in today’s society everyone with a crooked tooth or an overbite has the option to get it corrected with adult braces. Adults have a wider array of orthodontic appliances available to them that make the process more streamlined and less obvious. Whether it is clear aligners, like Invisalign®, porcelain-colored braces, or back-of-the-teeth aligners, there are many options for adults to receive orthodontic treatment while keeping it hidden from public.

Although straightening teeth is a pretty straightforward process, adults should be aware of some complications that they may face that teens do not.

  • Previous dental work - If you are getting orthodontic devices as an adult, then you have already lived through a lifetime of dental procedures. Your cavities have been filled and your root canals have been drilled, but these previous treatments might make it difficult for orthodontists to straighten teeth.
  • Jaw growth - It is harder to get the desired effect because your jaw has finished growing which means that oral surgery may be needed to reach your desired smile. When teens get braces their jaws are still growing which makes it easier to align teeth in the way that they want. As an adult you may require oral surgery to get the straight teeth that you have dreamed of.

Talk to your dentist and your orthodontist about the best orthodontic treatment for you and what treatment will entail.


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