No Pain Doesn’t Mean No Problem

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Tooth Pain
Don’t judge a book by its cover is a common phrase usually associated with judging situations or people by looking at them. No news is good news is another adage that many people live by. Unfortunately in dentistry, these statements have proven incorrect and ultimately costly in many cases.

Dental problems such as tooth decay or root deterioration are not always obvious. Just looking at a tooth in the mirror every time you brush will not show if there are problems inside or around it. Assuming that your oral hygiene is fine or you don’t need a dentist or routine dental cleanings because your teeth don’t hurt does not mean there isn’t anything wrong with your teeth or mouth. Many issues cannot be felt and yet are discovered upon the taking of X-rays or by examining the areas around and in between with dental instruments.

Dentistry’s main goal is preventive care…maintaining optimal oral conditions to keep problems from forming. Its secondary goal is to find and treat problems before they become too painful or destroy teeth or gum or bone. Ensuring that you maintain good oral hygiene habits including regular cleanings with a hygienist and check-ups with a dentist is a lot less costly financially and personally than waiting for problems to painfully appear and dealing with them then. For many patients, there is no prior warning of anything wrong with their mouth or teeth before the onset of pain, but a simple matter of good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments would have caught the issue a lot sooner, saving the patient a lot of pain and expensive restorations.

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