How Lumineers Can Improve Your Smile

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Woman with white teeth at dental examLumineers are a convenient and extremely effective way to impact the appearance of your smile. Each Lumineers veneer is similar to a contact lens placed over the eye; the veneer is placed over the front of the tooth - changing its appearance in the process. Dental Partners of Brookline often use Lumineers dental veneers to help you improve teeth that look:
  • Crowded, crooked or widely gapped
  • Discolored and stained
  • Chipped or worn
With Lumineers you can create a smile that you feel confident in. A smile where teeth look straighter, fuller, appropriately sized and just the right shade that you want them to be. At Dental Partners of Brookline, you will work directly with one of our cosmetic dentists to design your Lumineers for the best results possible. The Benefits of Lumineers Veneers Unlike traditional dental veneers, Lumineers provides Dental Partners of Brookline patients with the opportunity to experience minimally invasive dentistry. Lumineers do not require grinding or altering of the natural tooth enamel, making them more comfortable as well as completely reversible. Not only do Lumineers work for natural teeth, they can also be placed over existing restorations such as dental crowns or bridges! There’s no need to change out your other dental work in order to have the smile that you deserve. A dentist examining a patientWho is a Lumineers Candidate? Our Lumineers candidates will have healthy teeth and gums that are free of conditions like cavities or gingivitis. One of our dentists will assess the spacing and positioning of your teeth to determine whether or not Lumineers will be effective and if so, how many will be needed. Lumineers can also be combined with other types of services such as whitening, cosmetic bonding or composite fillings. The Dental Partners of Brookline are happy to provide hassle-free Lumineers consultations. Find out how Lumineers can transform your smile by contacting us today!

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