Diet Soda Habit as Bad for Teeth as Meth Addiction, Study Claims

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Ah, the crack of the bottle cap, the bubbly fizz, its refreshing nature, and zero calories to boot… diet soda can be addicting right? But is it possible to enjoy this delight without any side affects? A new study states that diet soda could indeed be as “damaging to teeth as methamphetamine, or cocaine.” When examining both effects in the human mouth, it is seen to deteriorate and damage just the same. We are concerned about our weight, so we switched to the no calorie diet soda, but it is so highly acidic that it can cause severe tooth erosion and oral damage!

This specific study examined two males (29 meth addict, 51 cocaine addict) and female (30 year old diet soda addict) who had not been to the dentist in years. The goal of the study was to find out exactly what the link is between both cocaine and diet soda in relation to its effect on their individual oral health. Both were found to have rotting teeth and decay and the younger man suffered severe dry mouth from the drugs. The teeth were soft and discolored. It’s scary to think that a diet soda addiction could be comparable to a drug addiction, at least in terms of our teeth!

So you’re not a diet soda addict, but how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Make sure you schedule regular appointments, and severely limit your soda (diet or otherwise) intake. It’s best to rinse with water right after consuming anything acidic or sugary!


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