Dental Advice for Expecting Mothers

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Pregnant Mother's Stomach As a pregnant mother to be, you want what’s best for your baby. That means you’re taking care of yourself, eating right, and staying as healthy as possible. One of the important steps during your pregnancy is getting the prenatal dental care that you need. You’ve probably already noticed your body changing in ways that you never imagined. One of the things that you may be experiencing is something called pregnancy gingivitis or even pregnancy “tumors” on your gums. If you’ve never had oral hygiene problems and are suddenly experiencing things like:
  • Gum sensitivity
  • Swollen gum tissue
  • Bleeding gums
...Then you may have pregnancy gingivitis! Pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumors (excessive growth of gum tissue associated with pregnancy) are both conditions that are hormone-induced. However, it is important to make sure that your oral hygiene is very thorough to prevent plaque-induced gingivitis at the same time. Plaque-induced gum infections like gum disease are actually shown to be linked with premature labor and low birth weights. Keeping your smile free of cavities, gum infections, and excessive plaque are better for your pregnancy. Some studies show that mothers who chew gums containing Xylitol (a 5-carbon sugar substitute) give birth to children with stronger teeth. Xylitol naturally prevents plaque accumulation on your teeth, limiting your risk for buildup between meals. Part of your prenatal and maternity care means keeping your smile free of infections that could spread to your child as they are developing. Dental Partners of Brookline is committed to keeping your mouth healthy and getting your child’s smile off to the right start. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, call us today about a prenatal dental check-up and valuable information on caring for your newborn’s future smile.

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