Why Choose a Custom Sports Guard?

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If you or one of your family members are an athlete, you’ve probably considered or were asked to wear a sports guard by your coach or even your dentist. Yes, an athletic mouth guard can help protect your teeth from damage during a sporting related injury, but a custom sports guard made by the Dental Partners of Brookline can do so much more. Exactly what makes a custom sports guard more effective than an over the counter guard?

They fit better.

A stock-ready tray isn’t made from a mold of your teeth. The guards that we make are based on custom impressions of your teeth. That means they will stay in place throughout your entire activity, and not come out unless you take it out. Why is this so important? Because many sporting-related injuries involve secondary trauma…that is, for example, you take an elbow to the face in a basketball game and then you fall back and hit your head. A loosely fitted tray will fall out on the first blow, and won’t protect you from the second one.

They can prevent concussions.

You heard that right! The way Dental Partners of Brookline fabricates our sports guards is based on science that helps prevent concussions from happening. Even if your feel that you’re protected by a helmet, a sports guard can protect your brain from a concussion when a helmet can’t. You can’t afford the risk.

>You won’t find anything more comfortable.

Most athletes wear ready-made trays that are hard to talk with or drink water when they’re active. Or, they’re just too uncomfortable to keep in the whole time. The trays we make are smooth, customized guards that you’ll feel comfortable wearing the entire time. We can even make customized, colored guards for your favorite team.

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