Can You Benefit from Sleep Apnea treatment?

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CPAP Sleep Apnea MachineDid you know that at Dental Partners of Brookline, we partner with your sleep physician to help you get the best night’s rest possible? Part of the way we do that is by offering non-invasive sleep apnea treatments that can help as quickly as day one. What is Sleep Apnea? Some types of sleep apnea are caused by a collapse of the airway. This is due to the tissues in and around the throat, such as the soft palate, tonsils and tongue, sealing together and blocking the flow of air. As a result, you lose oxygen and wake frequently throughout the night in an attempt to breath. Diagram of Sleep Apnea Symptoms of Sleep Apnea       Sleep apnea can impact just about every facet of your day-to-day life. Many people find that they gain weight, experience high blood pressure, are tired all day long, or snore. Of course there are dozens of other symptoms - but these may be the most obvious. Treatment Alternatives Most doctors treat sleep apnea with invasive CPAP appliances. While a CPAP machine can help you breath, it also interferes with the freedom you have while you rest. Thankfully, our patients can have another option - a natural one. With an oral sleep apnea appliance it is possible to naturally open the airway. This improves airflow by preventing the soft tissues from blocking air. Most people see results from their oral appliance the very first night. Dental Partners of Brookline works directly with your sleep physician to determine whether or not this type of therapy is appropriate. If you decide that an oral sleep apnea appliance may be useful for your quality of life, call Dental Partners of Brookline today! We’ll answer any questions that you have and work with you to create a care plan that helps you and your loved ones enjoy better rest.  

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