Are Dental Guards Right For You?

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Various dental mouth appliances and moldTalking, smiling, laughing, breathing, eating, kissing - your mouth is important to you, wouldn't you agree? Unfortunately, your mouth is highly susceptible to all kinds of injury and disruptions, and these problems can negatively affect your everyday life. The Dental Partners of Brookline offer a few options for dental guards which can protect your mouth and improve your quality of living. Sports Guards Purple sports guard oral applianceSome injuries received while playing sports can cause irreversible damage. Whether you or your child is involved in sports, a sports guard would be an invaluable protection against injury to the teeth, existing dental work, and even the head itself. A customized sports guard can provide you with the peace of mind that you are protected, allowing you to enjoy the game. This guard can be fitted in only one office visit. Night Guards Some individuals develop a habit of grinding or clenching their teeth at night. This habit also causes injury to the teeth and existing dental restorations, and can also cause stress on your chewing muscles and joints. A night guard can be easily crafted in a single office visit, and is specially-fitted to protect your teeth from grinding together while you sleep. Snore Guards Snore guards are adjusted to your individual needs so as to keep your mouth from relaxing into a position that causes snoring. Snoring can not only be disruptive to a good night's rest, but can lead to further health complications down the road. The guards provided at Dental Partners of Brookline are small, flexible, simple mouthpieces which do not require the use of any other equipment, and can also be completed in one office visit. Schedule a consultation with the Dental Partners of Brookline to learn more about how a mouth guard can help improve your daily life.

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