A Glass of Wine a Day Keeps…The Cavities Away?

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Wine lovers, rejoice! A study in Italy has shown that certain chemicals in red wine, called proanthocyanidins, have antioxidant properties that prevent bacteria from forming in the mouth. These beneficial chemicals are found in such foods as grapes, apples and chocolate.

These antioxidant properties in red wine fight various types of bacteria, such as F. nucleatum and S. oralis, both known to contribute to tooth decay by sticking to saliva and teeth.

Less research has been done on the effects of white wine on oral health, though some experts believe the high level of acidity could contribute to tooth enamel erosion.

While it’s nice to know that there’s an added benefit to that glass of your favorite merlot, the effectiveness of red wine on oral health is minimal. Researchers hypothesize you would have to hold red wine in my your mouth for a two minutes, every seven hours, for seven days, to see results as tangible as those in their testing.

Always be sure to adhere to proper oral hygiene practices and see your dentist regularly for cleanings and check-ups.


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