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Meet Dr. Jessica Hsieh

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Prosthodontics & Implant Prosthodontics

Jessica K. Hsieh, DDS, MDSc

Dr. Jessica Hsieh joins Dental Partners of Brookline as a talented and recognized prosthodontist who has received extensive training and experience in complex full-mouth rehabilitation and esthetic dentistry. Dr. Hsieh received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of California Los Angeles School of Dentistry, where she graduated with honors. She then attended the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, where she obtained her Advanced Prosthodontics training and continued to develop her passion for treating complex esthetic reconstructions and complex surgical and implant retained cases.

During her training, Dr. Hsieh achieved a Masters in Dental Science and Surgical Certificate in Implant Placement, Bone Augmentation & Pre-prosthetic Surgery. Her research interests are in modifications in new ceramics to make them stronger and longer-lasting for patients. She currently holds a part-time faculty position at Harvard University in the Advanced Prosthodontics department.

Dr. Hsieh is a specialist in treating and replacing missing teeth and jaw structures. Whether the treatment entails fillings, crowns, and bridges to implants, dentures, or full-mouth reconstructions, she strives to design treatment based on each person’s unique functional and esthetic needs. She is passionate about esthetics and giving her patients the smiles they desire. In her free time, Dr. Hsieh enjoys photography, cooking, ballroom dancing, reading, and spending time exploring the outdoors with her husband.

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