What You Can Expect During Your Root Canal

A root canal procedure is basically the same whether you are in Brookline or New York. If you have a dental abscess or badly decayed tooth, you may be wondering how the treatment for these teeth will go. Root canals, or endodontic therapy are a type of procedure that seals off and protects infected nerve chambers within the tooth. A woman with tooth pain

Numbing and Isolating the Tooth

The first step during all root canal treatments is to completely numb the tooth and the area immediately around it. Local anesthesia will prevent the tooth from feeling any sensitivity during the procedure. A rubber dam is placed around the tooth, isolating it and preventing any materials from coming into contact with the rest of your mouth.

Cleaning the Nerve Chamber

We use very thin tools to remove the infected nerve tissues and surfaces inside of your tooth. Then the surfaces of the canals are thoroughly cleaned and medicated to eliminate all infectious bacteria. At this point the tooth is no longer vital, as the nerve has been removed.

Rubber Filling for Root Canal

Filling and Sealing off the Tooth

To prevent bacteria from reentering the nerve chamber, a rubber filling material called “gutta percha” is placed into the root canal. As this seals off the root, it prevents a recurrent abscess or toothache from developing in the future. In some cases a post may also need to be placed into the tooth, if there is not enough structure left to support a restoration.

Covering Your Tooth

Teeth that have been treated with a root canal will be more brittle and susceptible to damage from everyday wear. For this reason, we will place a permanent crown over the tooth to protect it. Porcelain crowns restore both function as well as aesthetics to your smile.

If your tooth is hypersensitive to temperature changes, pressure or has developed an abscess, you may need a root canal. Call Dental Partners of Brookline today to schedule an exam.