Make Your Smile Your Most Memorable Asset

A lot of people think about whitening their teeth, but do not actually follow through with it, or even ask us for information about it. That is usually because they do not think whitening is something that makes much difference when it comes to what is really important about their smile. In reality, it is actually the opposite. We want Dental Partners of Brookline patients to know that it is fine to inquire about whitening, and that it can really add some great benefits to their quality of life. Having a Whiter Smile can Increase Your Self-Confidence A lot of people hide behind their smile. If your teeth do not look good, then you may be nervous when it comes to talking or interacting with other people. You might not even smile in photographs (or avoid them altogether). Simply brightening your smile by several shades can help you feel confident again when you need it most.

Beautiful Smiles Can Help You Get a Raise and Make More Friends The modest investment that it takes to whiten your teeth can pay off in the long run. It has been proven that people with better looking smiles are more likely to get a job promotion or raise. When your teeth look good, you smile more often - and that makes people think you are friendlier and fun to be around, improving your social life!

Whitening Takes Years off of Your Teeth Your teeth are like a sponge - they soak up stains and discoloration from food, drinks, or tobacco products that you have had throughout the years. This makes your teeth look darker, yellower, and older than they should. Whitening is a simple and natural way to remove these deep-set stains and make your teeth look much younger in a short period of time.

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