Is Bottled Water Contributing to Your Cavities?

Tooth decay can lead to unwelcome discomfort and cost. You are likely interested in learning how you can lower your cavity risk. There is one area that may surprise you to learn that could be contributing to your risk for cavities: the healthy habit of drinking bottled water. Cavaties possibly linked to bottled water?

What's Wrong With Bottled Water?

Actually, there is nothing wrong in bottled water. The problem is with what is not in it.

Most bottled water brands out on the market do not contain fluoride. Fluoride is essential to preventing cavities, but if you are not being exposed to it, then your chances for tooth decay are high. Bottled water is certainly a healthier drink alternative to juice, soda, and sports drinks, but if non-fluoridated bottled water is your only source of fluids, then you could be depriving yourself of a major preventative measure.

Woman drinking bottled water by river in Brookline, MA

Why Fluoride is Vital to Healthy Teeth

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, which essentially "upgrades" the building blocks of your teeth's structure, making them resistant to the effects of acid and bacteria. Fluoride can be absorbed systemically into the developing teeth of children, or can be absorbed through exposure in the mouth.

How You Can Get More Fluoride

Perhaps the area in which you live has bad-tasting or unsafe drinking water that limits you to bottled water. You can increase fluoride in your diet by shopping for foods and drinks packaged with fluoride. A fluoride supplement prescribed by our dentist can ensure that your children get the benefits they need while they are growing. Make sure you use a toothpaste that contains fluoride and maintain good oral hygiene.

Our office will happily provide you with in-office professional applications of fluoride. We will also assess your personal risk for cavities and make suggestions for changes in your water or diet. Call today for an appointment with the Dental Partners of Brookline.