3 Favorite Brookline Bakeries

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A chill in the air can bring out comfort-food cravings in even the most disciplined among us. When the mood for mouthwatering munchies hits this October, bakeries in Brookline have you covered. Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of our favorite picks for 2015:

  • Clear Flour Bread
  • Japonaise Bakery and Cafe
  • Kupel's Bakery

Unless you're going low-carb in 2015, there's no reason not to head to Clear Flour Bread when your next craving for warm, crusty goodness strikes. Stone hearth-baked breads are made from simple, authentic Italian and French recipes. German rye, challah, whole-grain, sourdough and olive breads are also among the offerings -- all made with unbromated, unbleached flour. Rolls, pretzels, sesame sticks and other varieties round out the list of conditioner- and preservative-free bread items you can proudly serve at dinner time -- or happily devour on your way out the door. Pastries, tarts, cookies and other sweets are also available.

178 Thorndike Street Brookline MA 02446 617.739.0060

Creme Brulee Dessert from Japonaise Bakery and Cafe in Brookline, MA

Japonaise Bakery and Cafe offers pastries, cakes and other goodies for those who like their sweets a little less...sweet. Their azuki cream croissant is a fan favorite, and TV chef Ming Tsai counts it among the world's best French baked goods. Looking for something savory instead of local faves like Japanese cheesecake? Try the curry donut for a uniquely delicious experience. Croquettes, creme brulee and the milk-based Calpico beverage are just a few of the other international goodies available at this Brookline culinary destination.

1020 Beacon Street Brookline MA 02446 617.566.7730

Salmon Lox Bagels from Kupel's Bakery in Brookline, MA

Many say Kupel's Bakery offers the area's best bagels. If Sunday-morning lines at the kosher bakery are any indication, they just may be right. A wide variety of rye and challah breads, rolls and pastries tempt visitors alongside the many bagel and cream cheese selections. Plain, chive, and salmon (lox) tofu cream cheeses are also available. The rugelach is popular here, and the reasonable prices and fair-trade coffee keep locals and visitors coming back for more.

421 Harvard Street Brookline MA 02446 617.566.9528

With so many choices in 2015, it can be hard to decide where to get your sugar fix. Whether you're out for an October stroll or specifically in search of pastries, breads and other baked goods, we suggest giving these Brookline favorites a try.

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